Miami FGC Pool B

The individual tournament will work the following way.

Two group of 7 players (deadline to add players is end of April) will play in Round Robin mode.

Each game is scheduled by players, they find the time and place. The only goal they have is to complete their 6 matches until the last day of July.

At the end of July the top 4 players of each group will advance to a play off to be played by the end of September, before the Pro-Am in Orlando!

If you don’t finish your games, is your lost! There’s time and flexibility!

If you want to join the tournament, please let us know.

There will be prizes for most eagles, birdies in the tournament, as well as pranks for those who has the most bogeys or double + bogeys!

All of this will be held at a dinner party hosted by Miami FGC (place TBD) where we will be giving the awards!

Best of luck to all the players!

Miami FGC Pool B

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