Join the beautiful sport that is capturing the hearts of many worldwide.


FootGolf was invented as we play today around 2000-2001 and the first tournament was organized in September 2009 in the Netherlands. Become popular in Argentina in 2010 and was introduced in the United States by the AFGL in 2011. There are hundred of courses in nearly every state. 26 FootGolf courses in Florida, 3 in Miami and more to come.

Mission Statement

To play and promote a sport that holds the grace and perfection of Golf and the popularity of soccer. Footgolf has experienced an exponential growth over the last years and we will be an active participant of this expansion by representing the city of Miami in national and international events. In order to promote the sport, Miami Footgolf Club will continue hosting different tournaments with the main goal of bringing new population to this beautiful game. The fact that we are pioneers in the evolution of this sport give us nothing but pride that help us achieve our goals with constant training, hard work and passion.


Elegance is a very important part of our beloved sport, inspired in the British soccer outfits used in the early years of soccer and combined with the fine class of golf jerseys and shorts, we support the idea of a stylish dress code being a signature characteristic of Footgolf.


This is the story about the first club in South Florida
The greatest sport ever invented.

Miami FootGolf Club was established in January 2015, after some of the best players from the city of Miami got together to find a way to promote the sport. MFGC is a volunteer based sport organization. MFGC is official member of Florida Footgolf Association and Miami Footgolf League, promotinng the sport of FootGolf under the rules and guidelines of the American Footgolf League (AFGL) and the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG). MFGC shares the main principles of FootGolf: Honesty and respect for the fellow players. We, as founders of the Miami Footgolf Club, believe in those values and take them with us to all the national and international tournaments we attend around the world.

  • Mariano Copello
  • Piero Menor
  • Javier Aragones
  • Wilmer Salgado


The founders of the club not only have the talent for the sport. They are professionals in their fields.
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Mariano Copello

Co- Founder
From Buenos Aires, Argentina this Videographer/Editor is in charge of doing promotions for Goltv, the channel who is well known for educating U.S.A in soccer and helping it be the 3rd most popular sport in the country.
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Piero Menor

Former Atletico de Madrid youth player, he shared teams with soccer stars such as Fernando Torres. He is now a TV personality in Miami where he combines his work as a TV talent/producer. Considered one the best footgolfers from Spain, he competes in the AFGL US Pro Am Tour obtaining excellent results.
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Javier Aragones

Born in 1983 in Madrid. This professional is already an experienced sales manager at Roca USA and PR guru with great expertise organizing corporate events. Ex soccer player, has a wide experience playing international footgolf tournaments.
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Wilmer Salgado

The peruvian from Callao is a Florida Agent of Tile Factories and distributor from Spain and Italy. D1 License Soccer Coach training on Toros Coral Gables Club and Barcelona official Academy in Fort Lauderdale.


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